Sunday — Lord’s Table @ 4PM

Monday — Bible Study @ 7:30PM dinner, 8PM study

Thursday — Corporate Prayer @ 8PM



111 W. 28th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave), Apt 2A New York, NY 10001

How to get in:
Dial “02” on keypad and wait one second for dial tone. You should be buzzed in the front door. You must then dial “02” again to enter the inner door. Take elevator to floor 2A. If no one buzzes you in, dial “67” or “68” instead.

Please be quiet and courteous to neighbors as you enter.

Email us for more details: connect [at]


11 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Hi There!

    I breifly met some of you this past Sunday at Manhattan Gathering in Chelsea. I was one of the many Seattle people in NY for Noah and Cathy’s wedding. The opening video describing Jesus that Solomon (?) shared was really inspiring. Is it possible to obtain a copy of that media clip? I tried searching for it on the web, but had no luck.

    btw.. i tried emailing the email, but it got bounced back.



  2. hey friends,

    my name is Grant and I wanted to thank you for the encouragement through your website! I found it b/c I know Ben & June from Canada, and one of their updates was posted here. The saints and I here in Houston, TX send our greetings and love.


  3. Dana, is this you from Farmingdale, NY? Is Julia your wife?
    Do you remember us?
    Please e mail us..

  4. This is going to seem very ‘out in left field’ — I help with an Alzheimer’s support group. We have a devotional time at the beginning of our monthly meeting with both caregivers and those suffering memory loss (with a variety of conditions and to various degrees.) i ‘stumbled onto’ a lovely, hopeful meditation on your site and want to use it for our devotional next week. I cannot tell from the website who the author is and would like to give credit where it is due. Would you please tell me the author’s name?

    1. dawn, we lost some files in an unfortunate incident when we migrated domain hosts. but i will see to it that i get a hold of those for you, and get them back up. besides the lance teaching on prayer, were there others you were looking for specifically?

  5. hi, my name is Suejing and I’m interested in coming to your sunday worship. A family friend who’s daughter attended your monday night bible study highly recommended you. Where and when do you meet for worship on sunday?


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